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Products and Components

We have pioneered in manufacturing injection molding, mold making, die casting, plastic and sheet metal component for various segments like electrical, electronics, automotive, healthcare products and range of custom component as per client requirements. We also take up secondary services like powder coating, rubber parts molding, screen & pad printing as added value for finishing and assembly of final products

  • Injection Molding - Multitek Autoparts

    Injection Molding

    Our injection molding facilities are well equipped with high end imported CNC closed loop molding machines

  • Mold Making - Multitek Autoparts

    Mold Making

    We have an experienced and dedicated team that supports all aspects of mold manufacturing and plastic injection

  • Die Casting - Multitek Autoparts

    Die Casting

    We take up Manufacturing of Aluminum pressure die casted component with support of our associate company

  • Customized - Multitek Autoparts


    High quality custom plastic injection molding and manufacturing at competitive pricing. Specializing in

  • Electrical Electronics - Multitek Autoparts

    Electrical & Electronics

    We take the time to learn about your business needs, your component requirements, your challenges your Electrical & Electronics

  • Automotive - Multitek Autoparts


    In the automotive sector, commitment to quality and on time production are Injection Molding Suppliers

  • Health Care - Multitek Autoparts

    Health Care

    Are you looking for high-spec plastic parts for your medical device or healthcare products, but not sure where

  • Powder Coating - Multitek Autoparts

    Powder Coating

    We provide powder coating service to all type of fabricated, manufactured metal and aluminum products in support

  • Screen & Pad Printing - Multitek Autoparts

    Screen & Pad Printing

    We provide screen printing & pad printing services with various sizes of pad printing machines and screen printing

  • Plastic Machining - Multitek Autoparts

    Plastic Machining

    We provide painting service for all kinds of plastic parts with wide range of colors as per client specifications and requirements.

  • Rubber Parts - Multitek Autoparts

    Rubber Parts

    We can provide you with rubber molding expertise and state-of-the-art rubber injection molding technology that ensures

  • Sheet Metal - Multitek Autoparts

    Sheet Metal

    We provide value added service of development and supply of sheet metal components through pressings, laser cutting