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Die Casting - Multitek Autoparts

"We take up Manufacturing of Aluminum pressure die casted component with support of our associate company which is well equipped with superior quality PDC machine Facility. Our associate manufacturing capabilities allow us to produce, finish and machine aluminum die cast components to meet a wide range of customer specifications. From simple to complex designs. Mastery to provide close tolerances, minimum draft angles, good quality and high strength with the minimal wall thickness necessary"

Along with die casting we also offer shot blasting, vibro, machining, electroplating, powder coating, screen printing, anodizing etc.

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Consistent quality is maintained and perfect casting starts with design of the component. Our associate craftsmen's are with an innate understanding of the processes and the ability to get the most out of the highest quality equipment.

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  • Die Casting - Multitek Autoparts
  • Die Casting - Multitek Autoparts
  • Die Casting - Multitek Autoparts
  • Die Casting - Multitek Autoparts

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